Institute for Public Finance Reform

Institute for Public Finance Reform

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Corporate Profile


IPFR is a team of highly professional experts skilled in a wide area of issues related to public finance management, fiscal federalism, regional and local economic development.

The IPFR top priority is providing highly professional approach to every single project and task. We are determined to conduct our researches on the base of both fundamental and state of the art knowledge and methodologies.

Among our major attributes is the ability to assist our partners/customers in wide variety of their distinct professional needs and to perform our work in different geographic areas.

The IPFR mission is providing timely response to fast changing economic and business situation. 

The experts of IPFR are very experienced in interaction with federal, regional and local authorities, consulting companies. We have also participated in different researches within the bounds of Russian and international projects and applied scientific results into practice.

Since 2002, IPFR has accomplished more than 80 research and consulting projects including international ones.  

The core subject areas of IPFR are:

  • advanced economic research on fiscal federalism, intergovernmental fiscal relations, public finance management, regional and municipal development,
  • application of practical recommendations on research issues,
  • development of methodologies for setting up and enhancing mechanisms to increase public finance efficiency,
  • provision of consultancy services to the RF Ministry of Finance, the RF Ministry of Economic Development, the RF Ministry of Regional Development, other federal, regional, and municipal authorities,
  • elaboration of regional and municipal development programs,
  • realization of training programs and courses for authorities' officials.

IPFR prepares and delivers conferences, seminars, and round tables in Moscow, Russian regions, and the CIS countries.

IROF publishes theoretical and practical «Public Finance» series («Obschestvennye Finansy» in Russian) for regional and municipal authority bodies' specialists and other experts on fiscal reforms, intergovernmental fiscal relations, regional and local financial management.

IPFR is a member of the national Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks (ARETT) and Russian Financiers' Association.

We encourage fellow researches centers, non-profit and public institutions as well as business companies from around the world to contact us on any issues, related to their business and scientific goals. Ranked among the top think tanks in Russia, IPFR will support and promote the embodiment of your ideas and tasks.